• A unique learning environment.We are redefining higher education for professionals. Develop your own point of view and discover your full potential in our unique learning environment.
  • A student-centered approachWe take a personalized, student-centered approach to education. Join a supportive community that truly values what makes you unique, and be guided as you shape your own professional path.
  • A diverse faculty, accessible to youLearn from the best: Interact daily with your professors, receive support and regular feedback and develop connections to the professional world.
  • Bring out the unconventional in youVenture into the unexplored: at Shivalik College, we provide an environment that will expose you to new ways of thinking and help you tap into your creativity.
  • Choose your own path to successOur innovative degree programs are recognized by the most prestigious associations, and the variety of options available allow you to mold your own educational path according to your professional aspirations.
  • Put your learning into practiceAn active approach to learning, right from the very beginning. You’ll apply what you have learned in the classroom to real-life cases, manage your own projects, and choose from a range of internship options around the world to acquire an impressive skill set.
  • Learning for tomorrowWe offer practical, specialized courses that prepare you to meet the professional challenges of your future
  • Live your student life to the fullestBecome part of a vibrant and diverse community where students can live their life to the fullest. Enjoy living in Dehradun and exploring this exciting city and participating in a huge variety of extracurricular activities here at Shivalik College.
  • Your way to your futureThe leading companies actively recruit from Shivalik College, and we help our graduates launch their careers in a huge range of industries. Belong to a community of more than 3500+ alumni worldwide, make lifelong friends and enjoy an active alumni network you can always rely on throughout your professional career.
  • Value for MoneyThere are few investments quite as solid as earning a diploma/degree. Our study takes into account a broad spectrum of concerns for the prospective student to give a realistic picture of what we have to offer so that hopefully they can make a more informed decision. We offer our students the best return on their educational investment

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