Student Assistance Centre

Student Assistance Centre aims to provide comphrensive services under one roof to the students of Shivalik College and to cater the need for a one stop solution for all the academic and non-academic inqueries, we at Shivalik have setup one full fledged Student Assistance Centre (SAC) to assist our students.

The department has been set up with the purpose to build, maintain and coordinate academic and administrative support to students through both (offline and online) mode.

MOTTO:  "Your Satisfaction our Priority"


  • To ensure a fair, impartial and consistent mechanish for redressal of varied issues faced by the students.
  • To develop a responsive and accountable attitude among the stakeholders, thereby maintaining a harmonious atmosphere in the campus.
  • To ensure greviences are resolved promptly, objectively and with sensitive and proper assistance is levied to all students.

Types of Assistance and its specification:

Academic related issuesExaminations, Assessments, Evaluation, Teaching methodology, Faculty related, Library facilities, Add-on courses, Research related issues, etc
Admission related issuesDocumentation, Withdrawal, Refund, Disclosures, Commitments etc.
Accounts related issuesFees, Dues, fine any monetary related issues
Amenities & MaintenanceHostel facilities -Allocation of rooms, Standard of meal,
Wi-fi connectivity, Drinking water, Sanitation & hygiene.
Maintenance, Medical facilities, etc.
General administrationID cards, Student file, Mark sheet, NOC, TC, University related issues, Loan letter, Demand letter, Bonafide, Student verification, Scholarships, ERP related, Transportation, etc.
Other related issuesSafety & Security, Discipline, Medical emergency, etc.


  • Any student who wants assistanceof any sort mentioned in the specification list shall get it registered either in person or via email or through ERP in duly attached format only.
  • Following SAC members are allotted to capture in person as well as emailed issues and route it to respective stakeholders for response and redressal.
    NameCollegeContact no.
    Ms. Laxmi RanaSCE & SIPS8630881140
    MS. PreetiKumariCOP7017394136
  • The stipulated time for response is 24 hours from reporting. Maximum delay of 48 hours shall be entertained only with proper justification.
  • If, there is no response within the stipulated time from the respective school/department/officeor student is dissatisfied with the assistance/ response/resolution to his/her issue, then complaint will be lodged against authority Into Director office.
  • If student issue Is against the respective Head of school/department/office/Faculty, then her/she may directly submit his/her grievance in writing via email


Any student with a genuine problem will submit it in writing along with necessary documents, if any, through any of the following modes:

  • Email:
  • In person: Submitting a signed hard copy of the grievance complaint in person to the Officerin-Charge
  • ERP (SAC-Student assistance centre)section


The SAC shall acknowledge the receipt of each complainant immediately. In the case of e-mail the sender will receive an instant auto reply- Acknowledged, You will be responded soon.


Upon receipt of Grievance/Issue, SAC shall Categorizeand forward it to the respective department/office/individual (dealing with the substantive function) requesting them to enquire and redressit within the period as may be specified, not exceeding 2 days from the receipt of grievance complaint.


Once SAC forwards the specific issue/grievance to the respective department/office/individual via email, Then it is the responsibility of the stakeholder to look into the matter on priority basis and respond within the stipulated time and provide proper redressal of the received matter to the student.


SACshall coordinate, monitor and ensure redressal within the stipulated time.

  • Follow up reminder shall be communicated to authorities post 24 hours of non redressal and each grievance status must be monitored and published to the director.

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