3.1.2  Percentage of  departments having Research projects  funded by government and non government agencies during the last five years (5)
S.NOName of the Project/ Endowments, ChairsName of the Principal Investigator/Co-investivatorDepartment of Principal InvestigatorYear of AwardAmount SanctionedDuration of the projectName of the Funding AgencyType  (Government/non-Government)
1Fault Detection and
diagnosis of Ball Bearing
of a 3-HP, 3-Phase
 Induction Motor
Mr. Ajay VermaMechanical Engineering20191500001 yearTEQIP-IIIGovernment
2Experimental Analysis on
Packed Bed Heat Reservoir
Filled with Heat Absorbing
Material for Space Heating
 in Hilly Areas
Mr. Nikhil KanojiaMechanical Engineering20192500001 yearTEQIP-IIIGovernment
3To design and development
 of a conformal antenna array
Dr. Sandip VijayElectronics & Communication
20193000001 yearTEQIP-IIIGovernment
4Cross Layer Optimization with
 QoS for NGN
Dr. Sandip VijayElectronics & Communication
20193000001 yearTEQIP-IIIGovernment
5Morphological, Biochemical,
Molecular, Functional & field
trials based characterization
of PGPR's for plant growth
 promotion & disease supression
Dr. Sumira MalikApplied Science20192000001 yearTEQIP-IIIGovernment
6Solar Tree MsPragya &  Mr. Arvind Bisht Electrical & Electronics
2019250001 yearSCEnon-gov
7Experimental and Simulation
Study of thermal behavior of
 nano fluid in heat pipes microchannels for solar collector application
Mr. Shivasheesh KaushikMechanical Engineering20193000001 yearTEQIP-IIIGovernment
8GokartDr. Jagdeep singhMechanical Engineering20182000001 yearSCEnon-gov
9Solar Golf Cart ProjectMr.Kuldeep RawatMechanical Engineering2018733401 yearSCEnon-gov